jorge a. bosso

musician, composer, cellist

works_chamber music_

Diary of a Requiem

for violin and cello

First performance: March 27th 2004, Novosibirsk, Russia

Dora Schwarzberg, violin
Jorge A. Bosso, cello

Duration: 21’

Most of my chamber music compositions have been always the starting point of larger works. The seed, the source. My Duo I for violin and cello is not an exception. A large amount of the musical ideas that belongs to this piece have been developed and transformed in my REQUIEM for soprano, male choir and cello concertante, premiered on the 9th of June 2004.
It is dedicated to my cello teacher Jakob Ludwig.
This Duo I is related to my Duo II, for violin and cello as well, through the persons to whom I dedicated both works. Two friends that represented very much in my personal and artistic life. Music cannot exist but as the denial of its own accomplishment. It means, in the instant in which we finished listening to a piece of music and it appears before us in its complete condition, there is no more music, but only the silence of the memory. Both duos are meant to recall the friendship and amity that I owe them.