jorge a. bosso

musician, composer, cellist

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String Quartet N°1 - "Lacrimosa"
In memoriam of Valentin Alexandrovic Berlinsky

First performance: June 22nd 2010, Small Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow, Russia

New Russian Quartet
Julia Igonina,
Elena Kharitonova, violin
Alexander Galkovsky, viola
Alexey Steblev, cello

Duration: 18’

In many languages the activity of the memory is connected to the heart, in English, French, Italian and Spanish. The intuition that resides on the depth of the millenary wisdom of the languages: the idioms know that the memory exists in an insightful layer, in the rhythm of the blood, and not only in a rational point of our brain. A memory that is enemy of the superfluous, a memory that enriches and deepens our actions
And through this memory , the remembrance of the great artist Valentin Alexandrovic Berlinsky in his research of a superior level of existence from the individual nature towards the collective one, that is in itself the utmost aim of art.