jorge a. bosso

musician, composer, cellist


Tangos at an Exhibition!

First performance: September 12th 2015, Sant’Antonio Auditorium, Morbegno (So), Italy

“A philosophy of music that sings enchanting on surreal atmospheres ”
(La Gazzetta di Sondrio)

Tangos at an Exhibition!

suggests the temptation of a different viewpoint towards tango.

Tangos at an Exhibition!

proclaims a present-day blend of musical styles.

Tangos at an Exhibition!

is a conceptual work that pushes off the limits of tango.


Ivana Zecca, clarinet
Davide Vendramin, bandoneón
Jorge A. Bosso, violoncello
Paolo Badiini, double bass
Gabriele Boggio Ferraris, vibraphone




The music

  • Tango’s Gedanke (Tango, mensaje de la selva de cemento)
    Jorge A. Bosso
  • Buenos Aires Hora Cero - Astor Piazzolla
  • Promenade Parte I - Jorge A. Bosso
  • Un Tango Onirico - Jorge A. Bosso
  • Autant en emporte le Tango - Jorge A. Bosso
  • Vuelvo al Sur - Astor Piazzolla
  • Milonga Transfigurada - Jorge A. Bosso
  • Promenade Parte II - Jorge A. Bosso
  • Leyenda de un Tango - Jorge A. Bosso
  • Alegoria de un Tango - Jorge A. Bosso
  • Promenade Parte III - Jorge A. Bosso


The appeal of proposing a new attitude concerning tango is more than attractive. It is necessary, essential. Piazzolla unlocked the closed lane wherein the music of Buenos Aires was stuck. He opened a new path, and imagined a future nurtured by fresh energy arriving from overseas.



Tangos at an Exhibition!

follows the commitment of building bridges between dissimilar musical spaces.

Tangos at an Exhibition!

is a maverick venture on behalf the dialogue between dissimilar paths.